Workers' Comp Coverage for Georgia's Educators

With Georgia Education Workers’ Compensation Trust (GEWCT), our workers’ compensation program is more than just a policy. It’s a promise to help you work in a safer environment with a benefits package that gives you more options than other providers:

  • Comprehensive workers’ compensation coverage: medical, income, death, rehabilitation benefits and employer’s liability
  • Competitive, consistent pricing
  • Discounted premiums available
  • Claim deductibles available to further reduce the cost of workers’ compensation
  • Members are eligible for dividends
  • Site specific safety and loss prevention training specifically for educators
  • Claims management seminars to educate school systems on best practices to reduce costs
  • Proactive medical management
  • Quality medical services through a network of physicians and nurses
  • Can work with your agent or directly with Georgia Administrative Services, Inc.

As a member, you can expect prompt response, top-rated customer service, aggressive claims management and on line claims reporting through our third party administrator, Georgia Administrative Services, Inc.

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