Workers' Compensation Coverage for Georgia's Educators

The Georgia Education Workers’ Compensation Trust (GEWCT) is a self-insured program established to provide a stable source of workers’ compensation insurance for the employees of safe-working education facilities in the state of Georgia.

Developed by School Superintendents of Georgia, GEWCT has been offering a cost-effective way for school boards to get workers’ compensation coverage since 1991. The longest running program of its kind in the state, GEWCT was designed specifically for faculty and staff of Georgia’s school districts.

Georgia Administrative Services, Inc. is the third-party administrator for GEWCT.


  • Robert Aaron, Terrell County Board of Education
  • Ronny Clark, Wheeler County Board of Education
  • Ric Hall, Early County Board of Education
  • Harold Chambers, Coastal Plains RESA
  • Phil Robbins, Gordon County Board of Education
  • Tommy Rogers, Baker County Board of Education
  • Larry Harmon, North Georgia RESA

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